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01.2015 y.

Wild stories from the Rhodope Mountains

Wild stories from the Rhodope Mountains

I have told this story before, but only to individual friends. Now I decided to share it with everyone, along with photos.

Mid January 2015, I'm on a photography tour organized by Wild Echo, whom I was working for at the time as a guide. The group is small - Sheila and Geoffrey Blamire - a pleasant English family. Sheila is a photographer and Geoffrey follows her everywhere on her adventures, to keep himself busy he films videos with a small camera. We are going to Madjarovo, where for the next 3 days we will remain in the raptor shelter of Marin Kurtev. Hoping to get some good pictures of golden eagles and griffon vultures. Of course, I quietly hope to see and photograph wolves appearing on the feeding grounds, but they are pretty secretive and come mainly after dark.

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